Meghapon® Dyes

Our Meghapon® solvent soluble dyes have attractive colours, high brilliancy and good fastness.

Our dyes are available in a wide variety of shades that find their use in inks, wood stains, paints & coatings, leather, hot foil stamping, colour lacquers and many other applications.

Solvent Yellow 82

Meghapon Yellow R

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Solvent Yellow 62

Meghapon Yellow 2rls

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Meghapon Yellow GLS

Solvent Yellow 90

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Meghapon Yellow 2R

Solvent Orange 45

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Meghapon Yellow 4GF

Solvent Yellow 146

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Meghapon Yellow 21


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Solvent Orange 99

Meghapon Orange R

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Solvent Orange 54

Meghapon Orange RE

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Solvent Orange 58

Meghapon Orange RL

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Solvent Orange 62

Meghapon Orange 2R

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Meghapon Red 2BL

Solvent Red 132

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Meghapon Black RL

Solvent Black 29

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Meghapon Black RBL

Solvent Black 34

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Solvent Black 27

Meghapon Black RE

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Why Choose
Mansi Chemical

At Mansi Chemicals, we follow the tradition of caring for the customers by providing products of international quality, speedy delivery and maintaining consistency of our products.

Promoters of the company have in-depth experience of the product line and its proactive quality culture, backed by lab support from group companies. We are dedicated to the policy of winning and retaining customers by making them feel like a part of the company.

Quality With Integrity

Quality is not an act, it is a habit, whether it’s the quality of our products, the quality of our customer relationships or, quite simply, the quality of our thinking.

Advanced Lab Capabilities

Dyes can have many specifications and characteristics. Our in-house lab and lab support from group companies can assist you in custom colour matching, blending and formulation.


We integrate environmental considerations in our business decisions by designing or modifying our products and processes to minimize the impact on health and the environment.

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